Book Review : The Magic World Of Big Adam

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Its 14:00 hours in Accra, Ghana, and I’m still thinking if I should accept an offer from a spider in return for something I am in great need of.

What would have been your stand if a spider gave ‘his’ word to help you pass your final year examinations?

F. A. Rahman’s debut novel is about a desperate teenager, who condones with Ananse (the spider) to help him pass his examinations at the price of helping Ananse destroy adult humans. The novel was published in 2020 and has a page number of 230.

My thoughts: I like how the author crafted his language which is simple to read and understand. The early pages of the book kept me wondering if Big Adam was going to accept the Spider’s offer since he desperately needed to pass his examination yet could not bring himself to study.

Another thing that got me on tenterhooks was the character Ananse. Ananse in most Akan folktales is represented as a chief trickster, exceptionally greedy and cunning. So, I thought he was going to betray his kingdom. I was blown away at his allegiance and selflessness to his kingdom regardless of the odds.

The author gripped my attention and kept me turning pages since the events in the book was relatable and full of adventure. In the end, the novel affirmed how we all have different strengths and weakness, backed by diverse capabilities regardless of the oneness of man. And probably if Big Adam discerned that, he would not have resorted to extreme means of passing his examination.

I recommend this book to people who are looking for a youthful adventure!

It deserves a space on your bookshelf!

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