Book Review: Same Elephants

There are books that present the realities of stereotypes and the need to speak up in order to change the narrative. Books that tell us to yell in instances we are told to whisper. Marjy Marj’s “Same Elephants” is one of those books. Same Elephants is novel written by Marjy Marj, a Ghanaian American writer based in South Carolina. The book was published on March 05, 2020 with a total page number of 208.
The book is an extremely engaging story of an immigrant , Sasha Badu who encountered several hurdles of life. She becomes friends with Rukiya Muhammad, Jane Taylor and Aviva Schwartz at a political event. A group of friends with peculiar backgrounds.
Sasha and Rukiya with colour, are mistaken for trespassers when they visited Jane and Aviva’s apartment. This leads the friends to pursue the course of educating their community about the dangers of stereotypes.
Certainly us stated by the author, the book draws it lens on the everyday relationships, the presumptuous nature of society and the ability to rise above prejudice.
Same Elephants is brilliant and fascinating, as it describes stereotypical experiences with perpetuators assuming their acts which are based on incomplete or false generalizations are genuine. The book is relatable and states the need to stand up against prejudice.
The novel affirms how regardless of one’s socio-economic status or level of education, they can be prone to stereotypes based on their phenotype.
One of my favourite moments in the chapters of the book, was when Rukiya agreed for her friends to share their story for the sake of beckoning people to stand up against racism and prejudice. I believe that’s the part where we all have to accept that it’s an obligation to eliminate such inhumane acts.
I like how the book is beautifully written , it took me three hours to read but the story still plays in my head.
Marjy Marj’s novel is a must read and leaves it readers with the need to stand for equality regardless of all the labels constructed by the world.
Same Elephants definitely deserves a space on your bookshelf!





  1. Wow, what a brilliant review and the book sounds amazing too!!! I was kind of sold from the opening description and the images, but that line in which you mention “it took me three hours to read but the story still plays in my head” was the deal-sealer for me. I have so many books I’m in the middle of reading but it feels like I could bump this to the top and even enjoy it, more than some of the others I’m trying to get through. Thank you so much for sharing this. ๐Ÿ’›

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  2. Someone get me SAME ELEPHANTS now!. Great stuff. The fight against discrimination is a never-ending one I believe, but so is our EFFORT. It will not wane


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