Chale Wote or Charley Wote?


A great number of events are organised all around the world each year and millions of people attend them, for some reasons. For the event organisers however, the main purpose of events is to bring people together and create an environment of synergy and acquiring knowledge.

Did you make an appearance at the Chale Wote street art festival owing to the fact that a friend of a Ga origin uttered ‘Charley wote’ or perhaps you did because it was the most anticipated event popularly known as ‘Chale wote’.

There is a big gap between the two in case you are puzzled.
Literally, Chale wote has it definition stemming from the name and the artefact flip-flop, commonly used by many a people in many a household.


Chale Wote reminds people of the art festival, that is the Chale Wote street art festival.
Well, the “Chale Wote” street art festival is known to create a platform that brings music, art, dance and other memorable performances together on the streets of Jamestown.

Charley Wote on the other hand means “buddy/ friend let’s go”. (In Ghana, “charley” has a thousand meanings, with the dominant one being ‘friend or buddy’ while “wote”, is a Ga word for ‘let’s go’)


So Charley Wote contextually implies friends calling other friends to go to an art festival but in real life how many friends call you when beautiful opportunities like that come up?
How many friends call to say, “Charley! The organisers are in need of artists so go submit your application”?

Do friends only call friends for them to just go walk around streets and appreciate art with their camera lenses or friends call friends to hold their hands through the hallway of life, the stairs of life, the ups and downs of life and all of that?
Are friends there when your life is bustling like the Chale Wote festival?


Are friends there when success is beautifully painted in your endeavours just like the graffiti designs at Chale wote?


Are friends there to fulfill the need of an encouraging company when the crowd gets too intimidating or friends are only there during the Chale wote moments?

(Sigh) That’s just by the way.

Research has shown that people attend events not only in view of the fact that it creates networking opportunities or education but rather due to invitations from friends or the event being the people’s place at the moment.
Nonetheless, this year’s edition of Chale Wote street art festival which spanned from 14th – 25th August 2019, under the theme ‘PIDGIN IMAGINARIUM’ included; street painting, photography, live street performance, fashion parade, music block party, film labs and much more.

I must say, Chale Wote has been one of the few platforms that gives people the chance to learn from diverse people coming from diverse backgrounds, geographical settings and cultures as they exhibit their talents and creativity.

The synonym for Chale wote is creativity.
It’s high time Ghanaians clutch to music, dance and art as one of the economically boosting activities in the country.

The breathtaking exhibition by artistes was awesome.
From live graffiti painting to

Fashion parade by models in beautiful wearables made from beads, plastic, leaves, etc






Indeed, fashion has a voice in Ghana.

As Ghanaian fabrics with lively colours and complex patterns was the talk of the day, sewn all manner of shapes and styles.



One could undoubtedly come to the assertion that, creativity does not wait for the perfect moment.

And a big thumbs up to the Creative guru’s who decided to share their talents and skills with the world.

In case you missed out on the festival, you can view all the fascinating moments via Instagram @destiny_lens_




  1. Wonderful write-up and very cool costumes from a festival I’ve never heard of that took place in a country – on a continent! – I’ve never been to. It’s great fun and very interesting to read about it. Thank yoU! And thanks for the follow, too, I appreciate it. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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