A case study on misplaced priorities




For most people who believe that development of their countries lies in the hands of it government, an election is the source of hope for them. An elected political party is seen as the liberator of economic bondage and under-development, but this cannot be achieved under capitalism. Indeed, these governments provide some sort of social amenities for the people before they are voted out of office.

It’s acknowledged that, none of the governments during their defined term of office can bring a total development. Nonetheless, as the coin has two sides, so does every administration have their merits and demerits which everyone determines the side they want to rant on. So, it is either one constructively or destructively criticize the actions and inactions of the government or perhaps do both.

Some Ghanaians have witness a series of ill-talked through decisions made by the past and current administration. From the $12.5 million drone contract approved by parliament to the agreement that allows the United States of America to set up a military base in Ghana and others I do not want to bore you with.

Just like the lion that has been fighting since childhood, the current administration of Ghana is still on the rise. The citizens, again have been served with the proposal of the construction of a 450-seat parliament house, yes I am talking about the new chamber saga. You might have of heard of it or probably read about it in the newspaper or an online news portal.

Not to keep you in suspense; but I plead to divert on the issue for a minute, so I highlight another. During the administration of John Dramani Mahama, there were 88 ministers whom the New Patriotic Party (NPP) then in opposition criticized, they claimed the number of ministers in that administration was many and they should try to save the national purse (Myjoyonline-2019). But when the same NPP came into power under the Akufo-Addo administration he swore 123 ministers into office. Sarcastically, that would save the national purse I guess. Not to mention the numerous incentives and exorbitant salaries.

I always ask myself : “Wh are many people from different professions with no political education step out of their profession to embrace politics with arms wide open and a broad smirk on their face?”


I will leave you to answer that yourself.

Now, on the central focus of this article; from my basic education in Economics, I believe that every individual on earth has a “Scale of preference” and so does the current administration of Ghana. With regards to the promises made to the people during election campaigns, where will they place their “want” which is the proposal of a new chamber and the “needs” which is providing social amenities for the people that voted them into office?


Which one is their outmost priority?

It is widely known how lack of social infrastructure affects community well-being and the country at large.

Do we have well-constructed roads in Dokrochiwa, Dawhenya, Tarkwa, Kwahu-Oda.Asamangkese, etc.

Has the needs of my junior brothers and sisters who have to attend schools under tress been sorted?

Has the need of my folks at rural areas who do not have a single borehole been resolved?

Not to talk of other poverty alleviation projects that has not been initiated. Indeed everything is a process and not a single government can do it all. I have heard and known diverse views on the need for the building of a new parliament house to accommodate the increasing numbers of parliamentarians in the country. But this is not the right time and the right resources to be used for the new chamber construction.

Let’s tackle other issues that seeks to serve the people.



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