Space Travel- becoming your own Astronaut

Centuries back, traveling over the Earth’s surface was a hazardous profession and adventure. It was all done in the name of discovering and exploring the celestial structures in outer space. Basically it is an in-depth research of the universe.

Space travel is a ballistic flight into or through outer space occurring with spacecraft with or without human on board. It has become much safer albeit the efforts of scientists to overcome potential problems. But space travel is still dangerous.

An astronaut or a cosmonaut is essential when we need humans on board for a space travel since an astronaut is a person who is trained to travel in a spacecraft but their work goes beyond that.

When it comes to astronomy it’s a big deal for me. Today’s usage of space travel is becoming your own astronaut which is far away from the dictionary definition.

I’m no motivational speaker or writer not because I cannot master the art but I believe that being able to inspire or motivate people is a gift from God and it takes experience to do that.

As stated earlier, space travel in this context is far from the original; space travel in this section is defined as the journey of people in the world, where these individuals take the role of astronauts.

Therefore in our personal lives we should see ourselves as astronauts on a mission or expedition having a strict period of time to spend on that journey.

It’s identified how astronauts take calculated risks when exploring the space. As humans, we are expected to do same in our daily activities. We should be mindful of every decision we make since every decision has the tendency of making or unmaking our journey.

In our quest to journey through life, there should be a clear vision and action strategy we work on daily basis. This is no cliché but honestly, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Just like the astronaut who plans and trains before going on a space travel, every Tom, Dick and Harry should be well informed and equipped enough to have a fulfilling life travel.

As humans we should perceive our existence as a space travel, where we get to go back to our original destination within a stimulated time unknown to us. With regard to this, it is safe to concentrate massively on making your grass greener, Most often people turn to mock slow progress and growth.

Nonetheless through all this as an astronaut on a space travel, never forget that the slow movement of a cheetah is not a mistake but a calculated accuracy which suits its visions.

Every step or action we take just like the astronaut matters. In as much as we consider and observe comments or anything around us we should be able to determine what’s good for as or not, to be able to become successful in whatever we seek to achieve. As astronauts in space takes command or precautionary ideas from the mission control.

In summary, I want you to clutch to these five statements
• Have a vision for yourself
• Follow your passion
• Surround yourself with like-minded people
• Let no one talk you out of your ambitions
• Love yourself before you can others.



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