Racism – the neutral perspective


Nobody is black or white

We are just labeled

Who we truly are cannot be defined by skin colour

Wait a minute, what’s your definition of skin colour?

Apart from what the world calls it

Racism takes many forms and can happen in many places.

I’m not here to argue or take sides about what racism is or is not. Undoubtedly, everyone is entitled to their convictions and actions and so am I.

The dictionary definition of this six-letter-word “RACISM” might be flawed, hence I wouldn’t even start to share its errors like a piece of cake so you eat, thinking that one race is superior and the other, inferior.

But come to think of it, Racism is the belief in the superiority of one race over another, which often results in discrimination and prejudice towards people, based on their race.

HOLD ON…………………………..WHO PROPOUNDED THIS THEORY OF RACISM, which has succeeded in dividing human beings into two neutral colours (black and white) based on the overflow of CARAMEL OR MELANIN.

It is believed that, racism covers the skin tone aspect but in reality, racism is an interwoven system. Racism has diverse forms such as Individual racism, Interpersonal racism, Institutional racism, Cultural racism and Structural racism.

People are not born with racist ideas or attitude, racism is something that is learned. It is known that, racial superiority or racism is caused by hatred but sometimes it comes from anxiety or fear; that is when they think that a race or group of people pose a threat to their safety or national identity.

It is however established that, insecurity is a catalyst that fuels racial segregation.


Racism is a two edged sword, cutting through the heart of the oppressor and the victim. It cause’s harm to those who are on the receiving end; hurting individuals, communities and other society at large, plunging them into the constant and strangulating states of  sadness, anger, depression and  anxiety. Many are the times it has led people to quit their jobs or study, therefore restricting the natural freedoms every human is entitled to.

The givers are not left out as it increases their insecurity, fear, distaste for other humans who are actually and naturally just like them. In effect, it deprives them of the opportunity to realize that these people are as human as they are, with the same human structure, need the same things or nutrients to grow and even excrete the same matter.

In all, it poses an obvious challenge to society’s values of equality and fairness.

Whenever you think of racism, think of a panda.



  1. This is probably the first post on racism that doesn’t bash the racist but then it’s supposed to be a neutral view so I understand. However for the effects of racism on racists you give, that’s like allowing people to misbehave unlawfully then cite effects of their own actions on them, not quite fair to the other side.

    I appreciate the stated fact that people are not born racists. Very evident in children’s behavior.

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