My effective communication



In as much as communication is said to be the exchange of information through speaking, writing or some other medium, It is also known to be a powerful way of expressing ourselves.
In communicating, we express our feelings, ideas and even actions. Since we might not necessarily use words but actions.
It’s quite obvious that we refer to effective communication as just sending a message and receiving a feedback regardless of the mood it creates, which can be relative.
But I define effective communication as one that a message is sent and soft answers or feedbacks are given whether from the sender or receiver and vice versa, in order to turn away wrath since grievous words stir up anger which results in misunderstanding.
Now, let’s look at communication on social media apps using text. Establishing the fact that with text messaging, an individual is restricted in relaying information having facial expression, gestures, tone and feelings attached.
Probably that would not be the case where there’s always miscommunication so let’s chill a bit. However, communication is a human connection which needs all elements in order to make it effective. People may read your text message but not feel your attitude and then draft their own meaning.



  1. I love it Abby.Last semester ,one course we did at school has to do with communication and you’ve helped me recall something’s I learnt though it’s not needed this semester…..

    Soar higher Abby

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